Spring is around the corner

Spring is around the corner!

As we all know, spring is around the corner! For myself, this special season  is my favorite time to refresh, clean-up and organize my beloved home. Is time to add some colour, open up some windows, letting fresh air come in. Simple changes could make a huge difference, and here are some tips to prepare your home for this beautiful time of the year:

Colour, colour, colour!

What else could add a little or a lot of life to a space? Colour, of course. I know that a lot of poeple are afraid of colour, if you are one of those, I have a tip for you! Start adding colour in smaller places first, for example the powder room or main bathroom. You could add a wallpaper with a fun and bold pattern, or paint the walls with a colour that reflects your personality! Adding a colourful art work, rug, pillows or accessories will also make your room stand out!

A bright pink or purple living or dinning room? Yes, I did say pink! Pink and purple are one of spring’s favoutire colours right now, and I’m talking about all kind of shades. If you are to skeptical to do a huge change by painting the walls I suggest investing some time looking for accessories or even window treatments in these beautiful colours. Vases with some fresh flowers will also add a lot of life into your space. Decorative pillows with fun patterns and interesting texture will do an amazing job for your sofa. Don’t forget about the art work, it is a must have when we talk about refreshing up a room.

Either you go soft or bright, colour is the best way to go!



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