Important Tips About Colour

Not too long ago, I read a very interesting article about colour in the website What really caught my eyes was the article’s title: Gray Walls Kill Sex & more Colour Theories. I’ve never heard about a colour lowering your sex percentage before, but it is true, colour can lower your sex percentage. I was disappointed because this certain colour happens to be one of my favourites and also one which is extremely popular in homes and specially in master bedrooms =O!! So, if you happen to have this certain colour and if you enjoy sex, I think it is time to do some painting. Here it goes:

  • Grey bedrooms are major mood killers, dampening the prospect of sex. If you want to get it on with your honey, paint your love nest purple instead. One survey showed that people in purple bedrooms had sex an average of 3.49 times per week, followed next by red, sky blue, and pink. Gray came in last at 1.8 times per week.
  • “Drunk Tank Pink” is a much discussed antidote to male strength, which is why some police stations paint their holding cells a bubblegum-like color. It’s also why the University of Iowa chose to paint their visiting teams’ locker room the same shade.
  • When Glasgow installed blue street lights in certain parts of the city, crime and suicide went down in in those areas. While they aren’t exactly sure why, it might have something to do with the calming effect of the color.


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