Travel Tips – Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Welcome to one of my favourite place on earth, so far! That’s how I felt when I first landed in Cuba. The energy there is incredible. It’s amazing to see how happy the people are even when live in extremely poverty. Well, it might be extremely poverty to us who live in this amazing and abundant country but for them is another story, they are happy to have the little they have and they share the little they have with their loved ones. Always smiling, always helping one another, hard workers and joyful people. I could stay here days saying how much I love going to Cuba.
I’ve have been to Cayo Santa Maria, Santa Clara, Havana and Varadero. Today I’m here to share with you my experience in Cayo Santa Maria and a few tips about traveling to this incredible place.

We purchased an all inclusive vacation with through Flight Centre at their Bayshore Mall location here in Ottawa. Landing in Santa Clara after a 4 hour flight, we get our bags and head to a 1.5 hour bus ride to the island Cayo Santa Maria. About one hour of this ride was traveling over a massive 48km causeway called “El Pedraplen”connecting the islands to the city. Finally we get our resort, “Memories Paraiso Azul”. OMG! This place is huge!  1386 Rooms,5 Pools, 11 Restaurants, and 9 bars! I confess getting a little tired of walking. The food was OK, it lacked spices, garlic, salt… my favourite part was the fruit bar in the buffet. All I ate was french fries, fruit and ice cream. (So unhealthy, I know! but I promise I’m not like this in my daily life). The resort overall was OK too. I personally didn’t have any problems but I did heard other people complaining. Each person has their own opinion about things, for me it was just OK. The beach was phenomenal, the turquoise water was just out of this world!

I will be honest with you, my husband and I did doing some walking at the beach and we passed through quite a few resorts, even much more fancier ones. I was glad we did because boy, we had the best beach from all of them. The sand at the other beaches were much thicker and some even had big stones making it much more less enjoyable to stay by the beach. For that reason only, I was much more happier about our resort choice!

Tips about what to bring:

– 3 bottles of sunscreen at least!
– Salt and pepper or any other spice you like to pour into your food.
– A decent camera to take pictures in the amazing scenery.
– Hats, sunglasses, flats and comfortable shoes to walk.
– Light clothing.
– Dollar store gifts as tips (trust me, they love them)
– Books, magazines to read by the beach in the shade.
– After sun lotion.
– Hair mask to keep your hair hydrated.
– A watch! Very important! (They don’t have clocks anywhere there)

Here are a few pics:

Me drinking tequila with my favourite hat on:

I got this hat at Winners a few years ago. The dress is from Sirens, sunglasses from H&M and earrings from Forever 21.

A few Links for more info:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gigio says:

    I loved going to this place!


  2. Tim says:

    I tired to leave a comment on your post about the private island but was not able to so read this one as well. Given the latest news regarding Cuba I bet you are glad you went already. All the best.


  3. Fernanda Reis says:

    I went back again 3 times after this review! I love Cuba, can’t wait to go back again =)


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