OPI – Brazil Collection

Has anyone seen the OPI newest collection? Full of vibrant, beautiful and rich colours?  I present to you, OPI Brazil Collection:

NLF55_HaventTheFoggiest NLF56_PeaceLoveandOPI
Next Stop…
The Bikini Zone
This amethyst-toned pewter suits me just fine.
Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
Nobody can stop me from wearing this creamy nude!
Taupe-less Beach
There’s nothing optional about wearing this
enticing taupe.
I São Paulo
Over There
He was sipping coffee with this mocha-toned beauty.
OPI Scores a Goal!
Make your point in this winning shade of rich chocolate.
AmazON… AmazOFF
I’m making the switch to this deep jungle green.
NLF59_LostOnLombard NLF60_IKneadSourDough
I Just Can’t
Nothing lifts your spirits like this sunshine yellow.
Where Did
Suzi’s Man-go?
He went to fetch her this delicious mango smoothie.
Toucan Do It If You Try
You have talent to achieve anything in this confident orange.
Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
Plant this warm
luscious pink on me!
This vibrant and festive coral is the life of the party.
Red Hot Rio
A ruby red as hot as the most exciting city in Brazil.

Not for the fact that I’m Brazilian, but I must confess I’m in love with all the colous and I want to try them all!! I discovered this new collection last Monday when I went to do my nails at Joseph’s (Bayshore Mall). I asked Tina, an excellent Nail Tech about the collection and she said costumers are loving it for the fact that the colours are so rich looking! I was convinced that I should try one of the colours and the one who most got my eyes was the Live.Love.Carnaval. It was a tough decision, all the colour are gorgeous. I almost went for he Red Hot Rio too… O boy, too many good choices!

Here is how my nails are looking like with the stunning vibrant Live.Love.Carnaval: Just love it =)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheila Zeller says:

    Ooooo – step into spring and summer now! There are some amazing colours here! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be showing this to my daughter, too!!


  2. Fernanda Reis says:

    I’m glad you liked it Sheila!! Lets get ready for Spring! =D


  3. Jess says:

    The colours are really stunning. I’ll sure get some for spring and summer!!!


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