Watch Alert – Yellow!!

It has been said, it has been seen everywhere: Yellow is the new hot colour for fashion this spring/summer! This happy vibrant colour will be very popular in the next few months and I’m here to give you some tips on how to introduce this colour into your closet =). First, let’s see some catwalk inspirations direct from Paris!
Paris  Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2014 – by Stephane Holland

We all know that trends will come and go. Unless we are all multi-millionaires we can’t go extravagant and buy multiple clothing pieces every time a new trend comes out. Getting a few new  interesting pieces and mixing them will pieces you already have  is the key to always be in the current trend. Sometimes, a accessory in the”that” hot colour, or one cute clothing piece is all you need to lift your outfit up. Let’s see some hot pieces that can keep you updated and looking fresh this season:

To give you an little extra inspiration and motivation to always look fabulous, I have prepared a few outfits for you to take a look. Everyone has their unique style and taste, I hope you liked my tips and found them helpful!! Let’s welcome this beautiful season in great style together!


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