A touch of gold

It is no surprise for people close to me to know how much I like to wear black clothes. Not all full black, but black with a few increments and details. Mostly with fun scarves or necklaces. I went out of my comfortable zone and got this sweater with this bold pied de poule pattern from Suzy Shier last week. In order to break the black and white a little, I combined with this cute “lady pearls, but a bit funky” necklace, creating a fun but still classy look.  To add a pop of shimmery and gold I wore this beautiful clutch I bought last year. I just wish the weather could have allowed me to wear one of my opened high heel shoes… I guess I will have to wait until next spring for that 😉

Top & Necklace: Susy Shier  Pants: Parasuco  Cluch: Forever 21  Boots: Spring Shoes


9 thoughts on “A touch of gold

  1. I love your outfit! And… I can totally relate to the black-thing. My wardrobe is a sea of black, and I’ve been thinking it’s time to step out a bit and add a little hit of colour here and there. In the end though, I seem to default back to my black! Your photos are gorgeous btw!!


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