Last Minute Holiday Party Outfit Guide

Is almost that time of the year! Can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away! How many holidays parties have you attended yet? Friends parties? Work parties? Now, the day to celebrate it with our families is almost here, and I have prepared a special post: Last minute holiday Party Outfit for those who think they have nothing to wear, for those who need a little inspiration and for those who already wore that special outfit in previous holiday parties. The idea is to create “the perfect” outfit with pieces we already have in our closets by following 5 simple steps. So let’s see what we can wear:

1. First let’s pick the base. I believe every girl owns a famous “black little dress”. If for instance you don’t, you can go with black pants and a nice blouse.

2. The “perfect” pair of shoes. Which can also be your favourite, or the cutest (not boring) pair of shoes. Remember those pair of shoes you had to get for your causin’s wedding?
3. A touch of glamour. Pick a few nice and sparkly (but stylish) pieces of jewelry to compliment your black dress and your cute shoes.

4. A little make up to enhance your beautiful features. Is it a sexy smokey eyes, rose cheeks or a perfectly contouring lips? Don’t forget the nails, believe it or not it does make a huge difference on your overall look. Also, if you are not allergic, a nice splash of your favourite parfum.
5.  The final step: a quick and easy hair style. Choose a hair style that is easy to do and you feel comfortable doing it, nothing complicated! Just fun and simple.

Now that you are ready and look fabulous for your Christmas day party, I have some extra suggestions that you can throw in to implement your outfit if you feel so:

I hope you find these tips helpful! I haven’t bought a special outfit for my Christmas Party coming up so I will follow these steps myself! Have a wonderful time everyone!



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