2014 was an amazing year, I can’t complain about it. I did some traveling, worked a lot, conquered some fears. Crossed some things off my bucket list, went to concerts, saw beautiful things and beautiful places. I also bought a lot of art and moved to another province. Here are some moments that made my year:

My year started like this: in Brazil, surrounded by nature just the way I like it: ♡
Then after a few months I was crossing one item off my bucket list; parasailing in Nassau ☺10153916_297734833716617_1297191021_nWe went to some amazing concerts: Lady Gaga, Elton John, Bruno Mars, Snoopy Dog and Slash featuring Kennedy Myles and the Conspirators. ♪ ♪
cantorIn the summer I conquered my fear of fishes, saw what the bottom of the ocean looked like and I was kissed by a sweet dolphin:

10405391_366946963462070_1013379802543444698_n 10672430_359281247561975_8098852885845556404_nI finally had a chance to go back to one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever been: La Habana

10671405_359275987562501_9169086973869236450_nI discovered this beauty in Varadero and no one could take me out of this little cavern:

10469837_358891184267648_7006168005524522366_nWe drove from Ottawa to Calgary 3 times in a month (38 hours each trip) and I saw some beautiful places.

10711124_372088122947954_9049413811802998016_nWe left Ottawa

10590632_345414458948654_4296719356111277693_nAnd moved to Calgary!

10349132_407736149383151_1343040884481198421_nThis year I also saw the most beautiful beach          ➵ ROSE ISLAND
and I saw the Canadian Rockies for the first time    ➵ A DAY IN BANFF

2014 was beautiful and I cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring!



27 thoughts on “A LITTLE BIT OF MY 2014

  1. I’m glad that it has been a truly amazing 2014 year for you. Mine’s been great, too and I like you I really couldn’t complain about anything. I wish you a fabulous and happy year ahead – more travels in 2015!


  2. Happy to see you’ve travel a lot in 2014. Indeed an amazing year for you. Hope you add the Philippines in your travel list this 2015.


  3. It was really lovely viewing all the pictures! I would love to go to Brazil sometime too! You looked pretty in the pic too 🙂 The adventures! Dolphinnnnn ❤ I really would love to do it all 🙂 It is always fun to visit many places andd the best part is to have fun 🙂 I am happy you had a great year 🙂


  4. What a year for you! You hit the ground running it seems as soon as 2014 came. Congratulations on a very fruitful year and I wish more travels for you and your family. As well as keep on crossing items off your bucket list my dear.


  5. Wonderful travel log you have there! I have also tried the parasailing and the snorkeling before and yes, they are fun and not as scary as you would think at first. – Fred


  6. Wow, your 2014 must have been a stunning year, judging by the beautiful places that you have visited and the lovely memories that you gathered. Wish you a great and inspiring 2015 as well!


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