I confess… I’m not good with hair styles. I tend to stick with one or two and that’s is it, and I want to change that this year. I will get out of my comfortable zone and try something different. Here are some inspiration for what is going to be popular for hair style this year:

19-low-ponytail-creatures-of-the-wind-h724Mark Leibowitz

21-low-ponytail-jason-wu-h724Mark Leibowitz

24-air-dried-hair-narciso-rodriguez-h724Mark Leibowitz

25-air-dried-hair-tory-burch-h724Mark Leibowitz

06-undone-hair-michael-kors-h724Mark Leibowitz

13-braids-peter-som-w724Mark Leibowitz

I don’t know if you agree with me abut all these trends are looking effortless and very natural. Pure elegance, sophistication. I’m loving it!


18 thoughts on “2015 HAIR STYLE TRENDS

  1. I read a similar post somewhere about 2015’s latest style. I agree with you, but these hairstyles actually have to go with appropriate makeup and outfit. If not, we will look super haggard and under-dress!


  2. Studying the hair and fashion trends last year in school was fun. I was also very happy to know that the hair trends for 2015 is simple and very easy to do compared to other past years that you really need to go to the salon to have trims and all that. Good year for those who have a long hair (for the braids)! My hair is not long enough for those braids so I’m kinda jealous. Hehe.


  3. I do not really like the messy ponytail nor the undone style. Ladies should be neat with their hair as much as possible, don’t you think? – Fred


  4. I am totally a braid person but since i got a long layered haircut it gets very difficult to braid my hair. following your blog now!


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