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I would like to present to you Nicky Haslam, one of my favourite decorators. I came across his work when I bought one of his books “Sheer Opulence” a few years ago. Reasons why I love him? He has a exquisite way to transform a space into a chic and graceful room.
Nicky is a a world known decorator. He has been creating beautiful spaces since 1972, not only in Britain where he is from but in places like Moscow, New York, Barbados, Morocco, Los Angeles and many other cities. Some of his notable celebrity clients include: Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Charles Saatchi and Rupert Everett. Haslam also wrote two books; a panorama of his work titled ‘Sheer Opulence’ and ‘Redeeming Features’, a memoir. He also has a fabulous fabric and accessories line.

Some of his beautiful watercolour renderings:
9 61
Rooms I love:

20090330122032935_0001 hooper3 Page-282 There is a second reason why I love Nicky Haslam.. He is also loves the fashion world! He was feature in the Vanity Fair special issue of September 2014 “THE 2014 International Best-Dressed List” (again!). Here is a stunning photo of Nicky and Natalie Massenet:

20140819111748252_00011To know more about Nick and his beautiful work check out his website: www.nh-design.co.uk


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  1. After seeing those photos of him, I think I love him too :). Great interiors – love the last one!


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      He is amazing isn’t he? I’m glad you liked =)


  2. Such lovely, classic lines in this man’s work. I love that use of black and white and the striped floor is beautiful!


  3. The white room is absolutely gorgeous! Did you notice the naked man photo/painting on the wall?

    The man clearly has talent and that’s the reason for his success.


  4. Von Avancena says:

    Great interior! He is such a great man. I hope I can meet someone like him too. Hihihi!


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