To think that not too long ago I was enjoying this stunning beach…
I’ve been to Cuba 3 times, but this last one was the best, every aspect about this trip was perfect, and I will write a post about it if you want 😉
This is what I wore for a very busy day with tones of activities scheduled:

It was a very hot day (like always!) So I had to pick something very light and comfortable to wear.

In this picture I’m where I like to be, surrounded by the ocean, literally! You can see the ocean from both sides in this incredible view from Dupont’s old Mansion in Varadero, now known as Xanadu’s Mansion. He chose the best location to build his house, with the most amazing views. (he used to own almost all of Varadero!)

I miss this place so much! I can’t wait to go somewhere hot again! and to be honest, I miss this hair colour as well…

Bag Nine West – Jumper Suzy Shier – Sunglasses Prada – Shoes Target


17 thoughts on “A BIT OF PARADISE – VARADERO

  1. Hey I love your Prada sunglasses. It reminds me to get new ones as i sat on my Ray Bans a months back and didnt have time to buy new ones. The ocean in the background looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


  2. I have a feeling I will never get a chance to visit Cuba since it is so far from my country, but I liked your pictures. I wish there will be a chance to go there one day, slim chances as they may be. – Fred


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