Having Lunch In Canmore

Β Last week we decided to spend the day driving around the mountains and taking pictures of the beautiful landscape surrounding us. The weather was incredible, which made the day even more perfect. We ended up in a lovely and charming town; Canmore!

It was way after lunch time, and we needed to find a place to eat. I’m a big fan of trying out local restaurants and to our surprise, we had the best food in Alberta since we moved from Ontario. We saw the Patrinos sign and after quickly checking their menu online and making sure I was going to be able to get something to eat there(#vegetarianproblems) we gave it a try.

Thank goodness we did! I love bruschetta, and I confess I make a very good one at home ( I will share the recipe with you on a later post) but this bruschetta was incredible… it vanished within a few minutes..

After eating this delicious bruschetta, I ordered a quesadilla.. It said chicken quesadilla on the menu, but I asked the waitress if it was possible to make it without the chicken which was not an issue πŸ™‚ It was to die for… a combination of aged cheddar, banana peppers, red peppers…

A devoted carnivorous unlike me, my husband ordered this beef sandwich and he really enjoyed it! He said everything tasted good, even the broccoli was good.

Now, imagine eating all this good food while seeing amazing views from the windows..

I really wanted to try a dessert, but we were just to full! I bet it would be delicious like everything we had. Next time I go there, I really want to try their pizza….
I’m not being paid to write about this restaurant, or neither exaggerating on how much we loved the food. My husband and I are huge food lovers and we truly appreciate when we find an amazing place to eat!

Until next time Patrinos!



24 thoughts on “Having Lunch In Canmore

  1. WOW! The place looks great. The mountains looks as if they were painted, they look just perfect. It seems like you had a great time dear. =)


  2. Magnificent mountain views. Thank you for sharing these because this is another place I am unlikely to visit in my lifetime. The quesadilla looks yummy too. – Fred


  3. Oh my gosh! Never mind the food, look at the scenery!! How stunning! Mind you the hills have been looking like that around us due to the recent snow. Lovely post! πŸ™‚ Sim @ simslife.co.uk x


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