Must Have Items in Your Purse!

Hello rays of sunshine!

I have selected some few essentials “must-have” items to carry in your purse in order to always be prepared for our daily life occasions! Carry them with confidence wherever the day or night may take you. β™‘

Be the best you can be. Always!



10 thoughts on “Must Have Items in Your Purse!

  1. We have pretty much the same must-haves in our purse, Nanda. I have all except for the clear nail lacquer and the brush ( I don’t carry one around, lol ). I fix my hair just once in the morning and that’s it. I can’t live without my eyebrow pencil too πŸ™‚


  2. Hmmm. Yay! I don’t use this. I was thinking I was gonna have to buy a purse but I can see this is for the ladies. So I’ll see these 4 items in women purse?
    Anyway, here’s a few you missed:
    – Money
    – Atm card
    Hope you agree?


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