La Habana


I wish I could explain what this city means to me, I searched in vain for words. Only love and memories remains, and of course, the desire to be there again.

In lack of better words to describe this amazing place, I will live you with my photographs and the last verse of a beautiful poem by Jeff Rehab:

Cuba, I can see the green in your eyes
the peeling-paint bedroom dreams and
dirt-poor joy of your richness
laughing out the despair and desperation
dancing out the oppression and the paucity
the aching of your past
the battles of Castillo De Los Tres Santos
of the revolution
of living
and as I stand on the steps of El Capitolio
looking out at the decaying grandeur
I understand why
I will be back

My super talented friend Luis, I will see you again!



11 Comments Add yours

  1. franckxethee says:

    Cuba has a really rich culture and heritage. No wonder, even beyond words, you’d love to see the place again.


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      You get me Franck! I can’t wait to go back there!


  2. eliz frank says:

    It’s such a beautiful country with a history so many of us know. I love how they maintained the old world feel of a time long gone. I hope to visit some day.


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      It is a place to go for sure… There is no place like it in the world!


  3. Vanessa says:

    I heard there is no crime in Cuba, people even didn’t lock the doors of their flats, I mean life is calm there. There is some poverty but a lot of mirth as well, people are dancing Latino dances in the streets, they are full of positive vibes.


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      Despite the poverty there they are very happy all the time, they make a party out of anything! I love Cuban people so much!


  4. 3xhcch says:

    This is a country I do not even think I will ever see in my lifetime since it is so far from home. Your photos have brought me there, thank you. – Fred


  5. My daughter have been to Cuba a couple of times and she did told me the country is beautiful and the people are so hospitable. your photos are just awesome.


  6. The place looks amazing! Love the architecture of the old buildings and how they sort of tell history as they are.


  7. Karen says:

    Love the old building architectures in Cuba!


  8. Cebuana Mom says:

    Cuba seems like a nice place by looking at your picture. Is it tourist-friendly?


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