February Favourites

This month, I had so many good things I tried, so I decided to share with you my top favourites. It is the first time I post something like this, if I’m sharing with you it is because I truly love it and I really recommend it! ♡ Let me know if you like this kind of post and I will do my best to share with you my favourites every month. It is the first time I tried these products I’m showing you, so let’s see what they are:

TITLE  fav3My skin is getting lighter because of the winter time here in Calgary. I didn’t want to invest in an expensive foundation because I won’t stay with this skin tone for much time. After trying out a Revlon CC Cream and hating it I found this amazing foundation! I have problems with oily skin and let me tell you, this product is perfect for me! It has great coverage, it matches my skin nicely and it has a incredible matte finish, leaving the skin flawless and smooth. I’m serious in love with this foundation! Thanks L’oreal for creating an amazing foundation that doesn’t make my face oily!

I’m addicted to body lotions, period.. One day walking around at the mall, just for curiosity I stopped at Body & Bath Works. I don’t usually shop there but I enjoy smelling nice scents. To my surprise, the aromatherepy section was on sale. After trying out their other types I couldn’t resist the smell of the Sleep Sommeil (Lavander Vanilla). I bought it and I have been using it everyday before I get to sleep. It has a nice texture and penetrates into the skin very easily. I’m obsessed with the smell of it and I will be buying more ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

fav2Talking about nice scents… I love candles, and Jasmine has became my favourite scents now days. If I’m at home, there is a lighted candle. I like the energy, I like the smell and it makes me company whenever I’m alone. This particular one I got a Homesense, not knowing how much I would like it I bought 3 of the kind. Thank goodness I did!

fav5Although I love scents, when it comes to perfume I always have a hard time finding one I like. That’s so true that I own only 2 bottles of perfume and this is my second one. I always stop at the Victoria’s Secret to smell their perfumes, even if I had never bought or liked a perfume there before. Apparently this was a new product and I loved since I first tried on my skin! I didn’t immediately purchased.. I went home and I could not take away the scent out of my mind, a sign that I really like it.. So I went and got it the next day ♡ What I don’t agree is with the name.. The scent has nothing “scandalous” about it, in the contrary; it has a nice and soothing mixture of raspberry liqueur, black peony and praline.

fav1I’m a book lover and to really get me into to it, it better be good! I first saw this book at winners, it seemed interesting but my cart was already so full that I left it behind.. What a regret! So walking around Indigo one time I didn’t miss the chance, I went and got it. It stayed on the book shelf for quite a bit if time. Last week I finally read it; IN ONE DAY!  There is not much to say, only that it is a MUST READY for all women. Sophia has a beautiful story to tell us in her book, and a very powerful and empowering one. You will be doing yourself a favour if you read this book.. Sophia I LOVE you!


21 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. You have a lovely selection of items from February. I love the Lavender Vanilla too and all of their aromatherapy collections…


  2. I love your choice of perfume Scandalous and I love candles, too. Jasmine is indeed an awesome scent and a lighted candle gives the home a cozy feeling of warmth, and good vibes.


  3. Nice title about Fab-ruary! Interesting name for perfume “Scandalous”, but you think it is not really smell “scandalous”. I wonder what perfume smells “scandalous”. My vote goes to Elizabeth Taylor Passion. Hehe. – Fred


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