As I talked about the new trends for fashion in 2015 back in January, colored suede is looking to be promising trend. Various brands are bringing suede into their new spring collections. Massala, grey, orange and muted colours are winning the store fronts. Still, my favourite piece is the blue dress from Parker you will soon see below, as it happens to also be the most expensive one (not surprised). Here are some options if you want to bring this new trend into your wardrobe this spring:



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  1. Beautifully constructed post. Now I want to go out and buy that Topshop suede dress ā™„


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      Thank you dear Clarisse! I know eh? I wanna go there too…. ā¤


  2. i love them! the missguided one is my favourite.


  3. Nanda Reis says:

    The missguided is so cute! Love it too =D


  4. Lauren says:

    The dresses look really nice. I haven’t purchased a suede dress before. I like the Parker dress and the Victorian Beckham dress the best!


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      I don’t own any suede dress yet either! But I’m excited to get one šŸ˜€


  5. Set of dresses women would easily fall in love with. Easier than falling for men. haha Great outfits! šŸ™‚


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