Who doesn’t like affordable fashion items? Dressing well does not always mean dressing expensive girls! There is no need to go all crazy on big name brands. You can be exquisite stylish without spending a lot. You just need know where to spent your money. It is all about finding key pieces that will make your look interesting, the piece that was missing but now you’ve got it and it is complete. Here are some lust vs must “key” pieces that will add that extra factor in your look:

lust3Let me tell you, these Zara heels are so sexy.. Way much nicer looking than the more expensive shoes!


10 thoughts on “LUST vs MUST

  1. There is a wide difference in them but sometimes, some people just give in to the lust part, lol! Can’t blame them though lol.. but it is always a good reminder to always shop smart.


  2. To tell you honestly, I don’t see any reason to go for extremely expensive accessories just because they belong to a famous brand. Famous brands also have their production made in poor countries with low quality. So I would definitely buy a cheaper version.


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