First day of spring! Yay! Someone is excited =) Yes, I love spring. After long winter months it is nice to see that the weather is getting warmer and all the greenery and flowers showing up again. It’s a magical time! To celebrate and to properly welcome this beautiful season, I wore a all floral outfit ♡ my first time venturing with a cropped top & mid skirt.

Top & Skirt George – Shoes Le Chateau – Clutch Lula

I really think you are going to see more of this style here on the blog. I’m developing some serious love for a cropped top… with mid skirt or not..



30 thoughts on “SPRING LOVER

  1. Those shoe boots are AM-A-ZING!!! Love, love, love them – along with the outfit – you can pull that off, unfortunately I never could! Would love to say we are also finally experiencing Spring… however I woke up to snow this morning! Sim x


  2. I love the dress. I hope I’d be able to pull off that look one day.

    And spring is also one of the seasons I’d love to experience – especially in Korea! We only have rainy days and really hot summers (actually it’s summer all year round) here in the Philippines.


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