To be honest with you, I don’t own too many make-up palettes. I have a NAKED 1 which I absolutely love and a big NYX palette. I have never bought make up at Victoria’s Secret before, so I did not know what to expect when I bought this one. To my surprise, the pigmentation was great! It then became my favourite palette for a smokey eye whenever I go out at night. The dark green, dark blue and gold are the ones I use the most. I’m excited to start exploring the other shades, but I always end up using the same ones…

I love the how the size is perfect to carry in my make-up bag whenever I travel somewhere. It also comes with a eye pencil but I haven’t tried it yet ( I don’t use it that much).  The only thing is missing in this palette in my opinion is a brown shade.

What do you think of it? I love it, specially all the glitter ♡


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  1. I like the size of this one for travel. I also love the Naked 1 palette, but not for travel, it’s kind of awkward. I will have to check this one out. Thanks.


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      I agree with you! I never travel with my Naked 1… I’m afraid it will break it!


  2. julieiscocoandcocoa says:

    Really cute case! I do loving having a nice dark brown in my palettes.


  3. Love the case, I could see myself using the top row and one of the colors from the bottom row.


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      You’re welcome! 🙂


  4. such pretty colors! i love the rosy tones with the forest greens!! ❤


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