I personally know how hard it is to find a GOOD denim jacket with a reasonable price. Most people have in their minds that a good quality denim jacket has to be expensive. Wrong! I have selected some very good options to show you how you can find a great piece for under $100. I think that during this time of the year (transition of seasons) is when I mostly use mine.

denimDENIM1DENIM2See how beautiful they all are?  You CAN find a nice denim jacket for less than $100 you just need to take some time to search for it (or you can just ask me and I can help you) 🙂

This is me with my fabulous find from Suzy Shier. I think I paid $35 or something like that for it!

✌Stay beautiful everyone✌
Leave your feedback if you would like to see another item for under $100!


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