One thing that I take super care of is my hair. I’ve done multiple bad things with my hair, including dyeing it when I was 12 (bad, very bad…) I have naturally curly hair but I rather straighten it with a flat iron. I do this process about 2-3 a week and it does damage my hair a lot. The solution is to hydrate and nourish a couple of times a week to keep it healthy looking and soft. I have selected my top 5 hair products to show you:

I absolutely love this hair masque! It not only leaves my hair hydrated but it also has the most amazing smell! And to top it, it is organic シ I leave it on my hair after shampooing for about 5 min. If I have time I leave it longer.

It is the second time I’ve buy this Tahe masque and I love it. I like to leave it on my hair after shampooing for around 20-30 min with a foil cap to warm it up. I try doing this twice a month but sometimes I just forget or don’t have time, then I leave it just for 5 min in the shower after shampooing. The results are soft, shinning and nourished hair!

I’ve been a fan of this product for 2 years now. I do not use often because the smell is a little bit unpleasant for me. I like using it once a month of a deep hydration. This product leaves my hair shinning like no other. I do agree with “The greatest shine on earth” written on the label.

This product is also one the best. It literally saved my hair a while ago when the situation was pretty bad.
At the beginning I was using it once a week for 5 min after shampooing. Now that my hair is much better, I like using it once a month or so. Then I do a deep hydration, leaving it 20-30 min on may hair with a foil cap to warm it up. It does wonders!

I found this product last year but I just started truly using it 2 months ago. It says that we can use on hair and on the skin but I only use it on my hair, I haven’t tried using it on the skin yet. It works best after I straighten my hair with a flat iron and the I apply a tiny bit on my hair of extra shine and softness. Love it!

How do you take care of your hair? Do you recommend any products??



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