Last week, several store’s windows were filled with white outfits. This week, several brands were posting about white on the instagram feeds… Well, I guess there is no need to say; white is here to stay for a while. This trend will be also be carried out until the end of fall for sure. I love all white outfit for some reasons, it is chic, classic and cool at the same time. I also like the freshness the colour brings to the ambiance. As you will be seeing a lot of it during the seasons to come, I’ve selected some pretty awesome outfits for you to be inspired:

Some key points to remember:
No matter what, always be yourself. Don’t follow a trend just to fit in, follow a trend that you like, and if you feel comfortable be sure to dive in and have fun.
Add your own swag, sass, your own little extra something.
Personalize. Create. Be unique, be YOU ♡


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