It feels like it has been such a long time since I last shared my outfit with you and I feel so bad about it.. Well, please forgive me I promise I’ll share more =) Yesterday I went for a walk in the park and I had to take some pictures because it was such a beautiful day!! I’m making the most of my summer and enjoying every minute I can, whenever there is a possibility to go out and enjoy I take full advantage. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been posting more regularly ( that’s going to change ) because I’m sure I can do both and we can all enjoy it together. Changing the subject, I wore my new dress from H&M which I completely adore and it is super comfortable and appropriated for this gorgeous weather. All the accessories are also from H&M.. I didn’t even think about it when I put it all together, I realized later that it was all from the same store. All purchased in different occasions. The shoes are from Old Navy, super comfy as well for long walks.. just the way I like it..

I hope you all are having a wonderful time and enjoying all you can out of summer ♡


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