How I achieved a healthier lifestyle

Today I want to talk about a subject that is affecting more and more people in our society; how to develop a healthier lifestyle. I’m not talking about crazy diets and killing yourself at the gym. I want to talk about how to love yourself enough in order to give your body only what is best regarding of food, good moments and exercising for your body and soul. I wasn’t always interested in this subject, in fact I think I was but somewhere hidden in my deepest thoughts I thought it was something impossible to achieve. I thought that living a healthier lifestyle was only for certain people and not for myself. It was something so extremely hard that only a certain amount of people with a certain mindset could achieve. Well, you are looking a real prove that anyone can achieve a healthier lifestyle and this is me about 5 years ago:

At this point of my life I was eating without any thought whatsoever of what I was ingesting in my body. I was eating unhealthy food on a daily basis and exercising was the last thought that came into my mind. There was only one thing: I had no self love. I looked in the mirror and I hated the person that I was looking at. Self insecurity was my last name. Let’s see how I made the change and opted to love myself enough to decide to become a better version of me.
First step I had to face the problems and search for a workable solution for each of them:

Being Vegetarian: I have been a strict vegetarian since I was 7 years old. I never had no one to guide me nutritionally so I dove myself into high caloric carbs multiple times a day in order to feel full and satisfied. I was eating a great amount of pasta, rice and a lot of deep fried foods. Not to mention breads. I loved bread way too much.

Artificial Juices: I grew up drinking 2 liters a day of fresh made juice in Brazil. When I got here in Canada thing became different. Life gets busy so I turned myself into drinking a lot of boxed juices. As you know, the amount of sugar in these type of juices are enormous.

Not moving: I always wanted to get a gym membership but somehow I was always delaying the process to get one. I would go on walks in the park but that was very rare. I had no energy and no motivation period.

No self love/no confidence: I think I had lost some of my identity during this phase of my life. I did not took care of myself the way I use to take before. I was wearing only basic clothing without taking much time to think about it. My heels were all in storage. I took no extra minute during the day to take care of myself.

I knew that something was very wrong. That wasn’t who I was. That wasn’t who I wanted to be. I had to make a change. I had to love myself in order to live a happier life. Now that I’ve discovered the problems/issues it was time to find the solutions to eliminate the problems from its roots:

Being Vegetarian: I started seeing this on the brighter way, since I’m vegetarian and I love vegetables and fruits why not adopting the habit of eating a lot more of it and banning the bad stuff gradually? That’s what I did, it didn’t change overnight it was a slow process but everyday I’m thankful and grateful for taking back the charge of my healthier and happier lifestyle.

Artificial Juices: I found another substitute for boxed juices. I develop a love for sparkling water and that changed my life. It was simple and easy. Green juices also became a regular drink along with a variety of different teas which became one of my biggest passion.

Not Moving: I started walking more to places instead of driving. I would walk almost everyday. After a few months I got a gym membership where I did aqua-fit classes twice a week and discovered my love for Zumba.

No self love/no confidence: As I changed my bad habits to good habits it was a instant confidence boost. I started feeling better about myself simply for the fact that I was doing something good for my body and it felt like my body really appreciated what I was doing for it. I became a happier person and I no longer hated the person I saw in the mirror. I was enjoying the process.


I switched to a bigger gym chain where classes where available multiple times a day  and with different locations across the city. This way I could take more advantage of doing different classes and go to different locations depending on where I was at the moment. My love for Zumba grew bigger and bigger that I decided to take the instructor training just for fun. I also started experiencing different things with myself and other things I liked. I dyed my hair, added some cute/stylish pieces into my wardrobe. Adopted the habit of taking time to take care of my self everyday.

During this process I also develop a love for yoga and cycling classes as well. I also adopted the habit of walking and hiking in parks on the weekend, or even downtown. Now that I’m back living in Toronto a walk downtown is a must every week. There are so many things to see! I also love going for a walk at the high park in the evening and I try to do this multiple times a week whenever the weather is nice out.

I just want to point out that this entire process did not happen overnight. It look a while for me to see the difference on my body but it was quicker to see the difference on how I was seeing myself. I enjoy going to classes at the gym and I do so 3 times a week (there’s no reason to kill yourself, just enjoy the moment and everything will be ok) Love yourself and your body enough to feed mostly healthier foods. And if you feel like having a beer or eating a piece of chocolate cake just do it, it’s ok, as long as you learn how to balance the choices you make towards achieving your healthier lifestyle!

I truly hope to have helped or inspired you with my own story of how I’ve become a healthier individual. We are all on the search of how to be the better version of ourselves. To be happier and enjoy a longer and healthier life, everyday!


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