Summer is almost gone is fall is already knocking on our doors, and as we all know it, new season; NEW TRENDS! What is nice to see is that some of the summer trends are being carried into this upcoming season. Meaning boho fans can update their last season pieces by adding a little darkness into the outfit. So is the minimalist trend staying with full force this season. Here in Toronto is all I’ve seen in the summer. A great majority of girls are opting for the “clean edge” look. Which is absolutely fine (unless you become a robot and lose your own self style on the process). I had to say that. Never lose yourself, your uniqueness sense of style over a trend. Don’t dive in too deep. Play around and have fun (making the most of YOUR OWN UNIQUE STYLE and your BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY).

Trends are here to have fun and I’ll all about having fun. I’m particularly excited to see how the Granny Glam trend is going to be playing around by the vintage lovers fashionistas. Also need to mention my growing interest in the Dark Romantism, there is a lot of room to play there, elegance at its best! It is time to be very creative and express your inner stylist with inspiration of these new Fall trends. Not to forget, comfort is everything! So get your statement sweaters out of the closet.

Any favorites? Any “I’m never wearing that”?
Stay beautiful everyone! Let us all enjoy this gorgeous season coming up being the best version of ourselves (ALWAYS!)


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