Donald Robertson is without doubt the illustrator of the moment. This Canadian born artist is the current creative director for Estee Lauder and an Instagram celeb with more than 160,000 follows. In the last two years he has made collaborations with J.Crew, Alice + Olive, Colette. Smashbox Cosmetics, Brian Atwood and many more. Today I want to show you his latest collaboration with the famous Canadian brand: Canada Goose! Where he literally transforms winter coats into wearable pieces of art. All hand-made unique pieces:


dr-product-2 dr-product-1A important note:
The Toronto raised artist was once asked to leave art school. They though his drawings shunned realism. Now, his “Shunned Realism” is his trademark and the secret to his success. Robertson also published his first children’s book last August. The moral of the story is: “Keep your childish instincts,” he says. “Be pure. Don’t try to please people. And don’t bury the crazy.”

If you want to know more about his beautiful work you can check his Instagram feed and prepare to be inspired. For more info and where to buy his Canada Goose winter jackets be sure to check the Canada Goose website.


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  1. sue says:

    Wow, his work is great any how cool to actually wear something that he has personalized.


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