Wow, how do I begin to write this post.. not an easy one but before I start, I advise to take a look at an old post of mine back from Jan. 2015 Home Decor Inspiration – Nicky Haslam. If you love the design world as much as I do, you’ll know that I’m talking about the Bad Boy of interior design Nicholas Haslam.

I’m a regular frequenter of the IDS here in Toronto and this year I was surprised to find out he was going to come for a talk and book signing.

During my college years, Nick was the designer who inspired me the most. Maybe it is because he was never fond of rules and the exuberance of his creations fascinates me. Being able to hear him speak and to see how funny his personality is was truly a gift. I’ll never forget his laugh when he was compared to be the Mid Wife of Socialites who can’t decorate by Paulo Moschino who happened to seat behind me in the audience : ) but in reality he was just trying to praise his great talent to interpret his clients taste into their spaces. Trust me, it was an exciting day for moi. Barely I knew it was only starting… haha

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.47.26 AM
After the talk was over and after a walk through the design expo look who I find at the bar? Well, I still cannot believe I met one of my idols. He was incredibly charming and we had a very nice brief conversation about how innovative are the Gwelio lightform pieces being created by Partisans Factory. A day to remember!

Ps: The universe even made our outfits look good together.
Anything is possible.


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