About Me



HELLO, I’m Nanda, welcome to my world!

I’m a free spirit who happens to love everything beautiful and extra ordinary. Originally from a small city of Brazil, living in Canada for the past 11 amazing years of my life. I created this portal to share with the world my love for fashion, decor, well being, style, travel and the all good things in life.

Besides fashion, I love design, art, food, books, music and crystals! My biggest passion is to travel and I hope to do so as much as I can. I’m a proud vegetarian ( since 7 years old ). I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. One of my goals is to learn French, I tried a few years ago with no success =( why is the pronunciation so hard?!!! I always wanted to learn Russian, don’t ask me why.. Everybody has their weird obsessions! Maybe Italian will be my next challenge.. let’s see how it goes… Ohh, and I love hats! (and beaches).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice BlOg you got here👍! Keep sharing!


    1. Nanda Reis says:

      Thank you Style Fairy =)


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